Today I went for a surgury for my knee and while the anesthesist tells me to think about something nice to dream of, the only thing I could think of, was Twilight. We had a whole conversation about it and had a lot of fun before I went to sleep for a while. It happens that I found two fans at my side hahaha. We talked about coming out of the movie soon and if I was going te see it. OFCOURSE I'm gonno go.

The surgery went wel and now I have to take my time to heal up.

Last saturday my neighbour celebrated her birthday and I gave her tickets to go to the movie with me. Her husband doesn't like the Twilight Saga. How in Gods name is that possible???? But anyway, now we go together and that's always a pleasure. A nice girlsnight out. So we both can't wait and countdown the days and hours.

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