What a pain in the a.... is it when you can not do whatever you wanna do. I had to go to school today and needed crutches to walk. After my surgery last week it's going wel, but I do have a little trouble to walk long distances. But oké, I've had a lot of help today from my classmates. I noticed that I've missed a lot since last week, but I'll keep up, study hard and make my notes. I only go to school once a week, so there is much homestudying to do. Next week I've got to see the doctor who've done my surgery and he's telling me then if I can go to work again and when. I'll wait and see.

But, now that I'm home, I have a lot of time to watch my movies of twilight again haha. My hubbie is getting crazy. He's asking: "those movies.... again????? Aren't they boring you?" Ofcourse they don't boring me. I can watch them every day haha. I think that they'll never boring me. So now I can sit a little longer behind my pc and scroll between the pages of this website. Lovely thing to do............

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