Its been six happy years since Renesmee birth shes a happy heathy smart young lady of 17 to 20 years old now to look at her . Edward and i so happy as well things couldn't have worked out better for us and and are family.My dad and Sue Clter were married 5 years ago and i now have a new sister Hanna Isabella Swan shes four year old now and growing fast she has all wraped around her little fingers just as Nessie had us i think we are all glad to spend time with her and have a new baby to fuss and spoil now that Nessie had grown up now .Nessie looks at Hanna like her little sister and spends alot of her time being with her when ever she can like the rest of us.Alice is always buying Hanna new cloths she the best dressed kid in Forks and soon she'll be off to school.From time to time we Esme Alice and Rosalie get her over here to baby sit her which is always fun since there no baby here in the hoouse anymore since Nessie has grown up now .It use to make Sue nervous to have Hanna over here with a house full of vampires but since Nissie bonded like sisters shes found thats there was no danger to her and likes all the love she gets from all of us here.Charlie and Sue have had there moments with us with Nessie growing up so fast thats when i had to step in and remind Charlie of his need to know about us in the Cullen clan ,I think that makes him feel alittle better sometimes when things go alittle strange around here .Hes just glad that me Edward and Nessie are heathy and happy.Alice was the one to put Charlie and Sues wedding together like they had a choice theres no saying no to Alice once her mind is made up as we all know ,but what agreat wedding all od la push was there it was nice seeing the wolf pack too and Jacob too.The party after was fun too then charlie and Sue were off to there honey moon to Hawaii agift from Carlie and Esme .

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