The Voltuir mess behind us there is more time now to spend with my human family which means Charlie and Sue.I do enjoy my visits with my dad and Sue Nissie does too we often go to there house along with Jacob .It gives Jacob and Nissie achance to eat some good home cooking Sue is agreat cook it keeps my dad out of the kitchenwhich is a good thing .Edward has come along with us today he and Charlie are going fishing my dad and Edward are getting along so much better now i like seeing them do stuff together .The need to know thing still going strong which is good keeps my dad from asking to many qustions .My dad knows that Nessie's my baby and that Edward is her father.ITo look at her would tell anyone that .I know Charlie must wonder how all this happened in a months time .Mybe one day i can share the whole story with him i'm not so sure he wants to know it .Anyway the goodnews is that he and Edward are bounding somewhat which is cool 'm prtty sure with me .I'm pretty sure Edwards not that all into fishing hes just doing for me and wanting to get to know Charlie alittle better i want them to be the best of friends and over time i know they will be and more i hope .On the boat leave it to Edward to be the best at most everything he does fishing incuded he cot 13 to Charles 8 begners luck to hear my dad say it i only smile at Edward and ask him why didn't you just let him win this one time ? I tried really Edward said then he fashes that silly grin on his face at me .I say he won't take you anymore if you keep this up as we both laugh together he winks at me and says thats ok its not like we need any fish to take home with us right ?

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