On everyschool day Jacob and i pick Nessie up from school sometimes Edward comes along , When we got back to the house we could hear howling from the forest looking at jacob for an answer he was deep in thoguth then he said Sam Seth and others of the pack found a body no wait two bodies one alive one dead and theres more the two bodys are both Vampires a man and a woman the mans dead the woman seems badly hurt .By now everyones in the front yard Myself Edward Jazz and Emment Rose and Carliste and Esme.I looked at Edward what does this mean ?Looking at me she says I need to go there and see for myself and off go Jacob jazz and Emment into the forest i take Nessie into the house with Carliste and Esme and wait to see whats going on . Only Alice is not here shes in Seattle cloths shopping again ! i call her cell to see if shes seen something voice mail dam it .Its not long before Edward and Jacob are back with Makenna she looks in bad one arm is missing her mate Charles was killed but by who ?The answer comes and i am not surprized it turns out they were both attacked by Felix and Demetri The Volturi hunting on are lands this is just to much i am enraged now ! Edward we have to be next on there list are whole famiely the pack too mybe .Hearing this makes Edward as mad as i am now we have to do something now about this Yes i say it time we hunt them down Emment is the first to agree nothing more would make Emment happy to take on Felix in a one one one fight Jasper to is by my side ready and waiting to go hunting for some Volturi scum.Edward looks at me already knowing i'm going with them no matter what he says.I say to him you may need my shield he nods at me and turns to jacob and says will need the packs help in finding them before they can get away.Thats no problem Edward there already on it won't belong before there found .Jacob just let us know where there at i don't want anyone from the pack hurt.Can it Bella were not children its are fight to don't your forget that Seth took down that newborn vamp we can take care of are seves.I know Jacob i just don't want to see anyone get hurt is all .Bella plaese its going to be fine now let go time to show this Voltri who land this is .Part 4 to follow.

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