Its 2 pm anhour before Nessis comes home from school just time enough to get in some fight trainning with Jasper,We have been doing this for months now i never get tired of it i know one day it will help me save my family one day .Its my hope that day never comes but with The Volturi one never knows what might be next with Aro and his brothers.One day a nomad vampire Charles and his mate Makenna showed up at the house to imform us of some of the deaths of the Volturi wetnesses from last winter .They asked us it we could tell them where Garrett could be found it seems they were nomads together in th past.Edward made a call to Kate to see if was ok to send Charles and Makenna there way.then they were off to Garrett and Kates .The first thing i did when they were gone was go to Alice to see if she saw anything going on? Nothing much was her anwser i felt alittle better hearing that .Edward could see i was upset He came to me putting his arms around me and saying its going to be alright Alice will see if somethings comming or not I looked back into his eyes and said i wish i was't so freaked out about this now but you Know Aro he wants us both and will stop at nothing to gets us .Thats ture i could see that in his mind when they were here in the field.Bella there almost powerless against us your shield protects us all from there porwers and we can call on are friends for help should we need it .Edward if they come here again it will be a fight for sure there will be no backing down victory or death i won't be that man slave.I know Bella i know none of us wants that I think we can win this time The Volturi have over played there hand.Just so you know once we know there comming im sending Nessie with Jacob away from here i won't risk there lives i want them both safe from all of this i won't change my mind on this Edward please don't ask me to.I under stand your feelings Bella i think its the right thing to do not sure Jacob would agree you know he would want to be part of the fight when it comes but if it comes down to protecting Nessies he'll happly do it .Yes he will she will be safe with him plus i will be the only one to know where there going no ones going to read my mind and find them !And so part 3 follows

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