Carlisle and Esme lookout the window of the big room seeing Bella laying on the gress with Edward next to her ,Its then Esme says to Carlisle how did we ever get along without Bella in are lives look at Edward no longer in a shell hes more alive then ever Love for Bella has changed him in a good way i'm so happy the way everyone in family has bonded with her ! And the gift she has given us a child Nessie who could have believe it Carlisle ? Carlie just looks at her and says why are you so surprized ?remenber your the hopless romantic as he smiles at Esme ,She smile back at him then hugs him and says well someone has to be it can't always be cloom and doom around here all the time . So ture Carlisle agress smling back at her .Its then Jasper shows up out of the forest seeing Bella and Edward he comes and sits down beside both of them .Jasper finds it hard to resist the good emotional climate that comes off of Bella .He wants to be strong like her and resist the taking of human life and for Bella she want to be a fighter like Jasper to help protect her covan from any danger Jasper trains her most days so Edward doesn't have too nor would he want to Bella understand this but still she trains hard with the best fighter in the house. This makes Emment very happy to he likes getting in on the action he knows not to take it to far not wanting Edward to get pissed off at him plus Bella getting really good at it now,Bella not as newborn strong but she knows how to fight and it won't belong before she'll stand with the covan in a fight to the death if it comes to that .Bella has learned to turn her shield on and off by just thinking about it now this makes Edward very happy to hear her thoughts most of the time anyway she still keeps secrets from him from time to time .Bella still enjoys Edward asking her what are you thinking now?To which she smiles about you she says how i love u more then life it self ! He smiles back thats my girl as i love you i can't live in a world without you we can never be apart Bella says back to him then smiles i love u . Part #2 to follow let me know what u think of it thanks.

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