My love for Edward is never ending as i knew it would be I can't believe i have the man i want all to myself i do sometimes share him with his brothers and sisters and Carlisle and Esme but there my family now i would lost to this world without my them now.Nessie is off in college now studing fashion Alice and Nessie plan on going into business together once shes done with school so that will be good to have her close by she such abeautiful looking young lady now full grown after only seven years she looks like a woman of 17 to 20 years old now. Edward has been studing to be a doctor he and Carlisle work together in a clinic at La push. Are truce with the pack is stroger than ever i would never have believe it But Nessie was abig part of that everyone there loves her so deeply. Being at the clinic No one pays attention to Carlie and Edaward age or lack there of there just happy to have them there to help the tribe.For myself i'm a teacher at La Push so we spend alot of the time there i love all my students its so fun to teach them.Jacobs still around with the rest of the wolf pack he and leah got married which was a real shocker i thought it would be him and Nessie but it wasn't ment to be i guess they still love each other deeply that will never change.I was so happy that Jacob found love and is happy now l

Leah seem alot less mad at us vampires which is a goodthing she easyer to be around now since Charlie and Sue Clearwater were married also i have alittle half sister now Hanna Isabella Swan it so nice to have another baby running around us again Nessie is never far away from her there truely sisters. Hope u like it i'll write more later !

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