Wow i can't believe that life could be so good now that the whole Volturi mess is over with for now .I plan on enjoying my new family now and forever.I have Edward and Nessie forever now i love being a Cullen and haveing my new family by me always.The most fun i'm having now is with my sister Alice we have so much fun together i find myself geting the fashion bug with being around her all the time now Edward and Nessie thinks its cool to see me dress up with the help of Alice i never get to wear jeans and a tee shirt unless i'm hunting now days .Its fun to be out and about with Alice all dressed up turnning heads where ever we go i do enjoy that part not that i would ever notice any man looking at me but i do get a kick out of it .Some weekends Alice and i go to San franisco or LA in Alices yellow Porsche turbo wow is that car fast and were always in ahurry it seems and that means were going 130 mph down the freeway .It use to bother me but now its so much fun sometimes i think it would be fun to have my own porsche but i'm just as happy driving Edwards Volvo but thats just me slow and steady as Edward puts it and its not like i drive when Edward and i go somewhere .This weekend its off to San Francisco with Alice Edward and the boys are hunting bears and Nessie is staying at Charlies and Sues house this weekend so Alice and i are off for some fashion fun .Its nice shopping with my sister Alice she buys alot of everything so everyone at home gets something nice to wear Nissie just loves it when we come home with all the new cloths.I like it when we go to San Franisco the Cullens ha a condo there we can be are seves there and swim or just hangout but the pool there i do miss the sun still and with my new body i don't look half bad in a bikini neither does Alice .I enjoy are get aways alot but i do miss Edward and Nissie being away from them is hard but as Edward likes to tell me go have some girl time with Alice he knows i'll have fun and he likes it when i came back to him .

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