Oh Alice just look at the view from are penthouse suite over looking the city ! I'm sure your already bored with it because you have been here so many makes me miss Phoenix and the sun so much now i wish Alice and i could go lay out by the big beautiful pool they have here.I have an idea only if it could work i'll bet Alice would be up for it or just think i was crazy and miss being human which is not the case i would not trade my immorality and forever with Edward and my daughter and my new family for anything now.But i do miss the sun touching my hard white skin that won't change the only down side of my new life.On to my plan Alice and i laying out by the pool ,As i thought Alice wasn't in agreemnet on wanting to do this Bella you know we can't draw attention to are selves while we are here we just have to suck it up and stay indoors now.Alice just hear me out and if you think its a stubit plan then i'll let it go ok ? Ok she says let hear it .Ok here goes lets go to the tanning place and get a spay on tan mybe a few coats or more and see if it works here on the balcony your have to admit it would be kinda cool to layout by the pool.Ok Ok don't make me regret this i'm willing to try if it makes you happy .After being sparyed like anewly panited car we head to are balcony to see if we are going to still light up the day time with are vampire skin .As it turns out it works just fine we look tan and no lights comming of of us i wonder why no one thought of doing this before ?Now only one thing missing now before hitting the pool ,Alice looks at me not understanding what i'm talking about some psychic you are i say we need to go shopping for the one thing we didn't bring which is she asked ? Bikini's i say laughing now at her puzzled look then she gets it now duh I want you to take a picture of me by the pool I know Edward will love it and i'll take one of you for Jesper i know he will get a kick out of it too.As i hoped we blended in poolside but we did get many drink offers from the men there how could they resist two rocking hot vamps like us ? Alice only looks at me and says Bella you act so human sometimes and we both laugh as we both enjoy are time in LA.I hope to bring Edward and Renesmee back here one day it would be a fun family outing the Cullens in LA.

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