Everything in bold italics is Rob. “Kristen really connected to this film – she thought that it was Bella’s journey and that it was really important. But when I first read the script, I was so frustrated because what is Edward supposed to do, when he’s on the sidelines, worrying?” muses the Londoner.

“By the time I was called on to the set, Kristen had gone so far beating herself up that I was terrified – and I hadn’t been terrified since the first movie. “We shot the childbirth scenes as continuous sequence, from when she goes into labour to the birth, so we really had to commit to what we were doing.

“By then, Edward’s really beaten down and has to give up his ego.

“It’s only in part 2 that Edward rebuilds himself again and I admire him for that.”

The 25-year-old heartthrob says it was emotionally challenging to act around all the special effects that show Bella’s emaciated body giving birth to baby Renesmee.

“Kristen’s head was attached to a dummy body which had gore all over it, and she was wearing a torn hospital gown. It looked unbelievably bad. It was more like a Saw movie than a Twilight movie.

“And the dummy was so realistic I was shocked when I first walked on set – to see anyone you know look like that is just horrible.”

Huh, This is going to be bad if it got all this publicity and it's a flop.

Bellscullen.Talk 17:59, November 16, 2011 (UTC)Bellscullen

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