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My Breaking Dawn Review.

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This is going to be very short, mostly about the main events, but I might add more later. Im to lazy too.

The Beginning

I was surprised to not see Bella & Edward in the meadow .

Getting Ready For the Wedding/The Wedding

The cullen girls, odd Rosalie being nice to bella. The wedding was so pretty but I kind-of like her dress, It was pretty too.


The honeymoon was. . .sort of awkward. My DAD was sitting next to me and I didn't look at him 'till like 10 minutes after. I new that he had something to say about it.


I was thinking it would scare the crap outta me but it didn't. Actually Bella scared me but thats later on. It was so gross the way her spine cracked when she tried to catch the cup of blood. Then they cut her open . Eww.

Edward trying To get Bella back

I was crying even though I knew she would live and when she died and Jacob broke down crying I started crying too.


Even though I am like totally against this , It was really beautiful and it made me cry. But I cry easily. LOL That was the prettiest baby i've seen.

Bella transforming

This is like where earlier Bella scared me. She started to like fatten up and the camera went back and forth across her face and then she opened her red newborn eyes and I jumped! LOL and then the movie ended. She is going to be a gorgeous vampire.

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