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Bella, Awakens as a Vampire. (Breaking Dawn Part.1)

The Cullens

Everyone Has Heard of the Twilight Saga.

Have you Ever Watched, Read, Or even talked about Twilight?

Well, Heres Your Chance!

Edward, Bella , And Renesmee (New Addition ). Are The Main Cullens'.

Have a Favorite? Yes? OF COURSE YOU DO! You, And I. My Favorite Is Renesmee. Even if i haven't seen the movie Dosen't mean i can't still like her!


Edward Cullen. Now Isabella Swans' Husband. Or Should i say, Isabella Cullen. xD

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen,He has alot of nicknames ( Bad Ones) That people call him...Should I post some? Yeah.

  1. Edtwat
  2. Edtwad
  3. Edtwit
  4. Edud (Lol)

Ok Those Are the nicknames .

Don't You just want his hair? Lol

What kind of conditioner you use? Its so puffy!

Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee Cullen (Nessie)

Renesmee & Jacob. Her Whole Life Is Jacob xD

Renesmee & Jacob

Together They are perfect.

Jacob Inprinted on Renesmee.

Renesmee Is so cute. What i don't understand is, How is she 6 Years if The movie, Breaking Dawn Pt.1 was made in 2011? She must be 0 Or Be turning 1. Don't you just HATE When you write a book, And it wants to be a Movie, Or a T.V Show, Then they make it a complete opposite of your book.


Pictures, :D

Here is Pictures.


Renesmee Cullen ♥


Isabella Swan


Edward Cullen

Bella vampire

Isabella Cullen


Esme Cullen


Jacob Black

Jasper Hale

Jaspar. He looks like he is in pane O_O


emmet <3

Wallpaper Alice

Alice xD

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