Hey Guys....It's me lol

What do you think about this small peek of Eternal Love....Dont worry it will become more detail, just give me time lol

It was 1975. 5 years since I returned to the Bellemare Château, to Gabriel’s side (although we kept our distances from each other; Gabriel stayed in the Chaumière which was on the lake side about five minutes from the Château).

Three weeks later when I was out in the garden looking at the moon with tears dipping down my face...All my emotions are being bottle up.

Suddenly Gabriel came up behind me, wrapping a blanked around me and feeling ‘cold’, I cuddled into him, feeling his ‘warmth’ and the fabric of his blue long-sleeve shirt, smelling his scent where Gabriel said while cradling my face so that our eyes meet and looking deeply into my eyes with a loving gaze...

“I have to tell you...For the first time in centuries’... I was awoken from depression and I felt everything attaching me to the world breaking apart, leaving only you holding me to life, I-I truly love you more than anything in this world. When I saw you, I was completely and immediately seduced by your beauty an your pure human heat. But was also saddened at the fact that you like myself was now alone in the world so I’m so sorry that I broke your heart...I love you and I promise never to leave you, ever again. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, Anastasie, I fell in love with you as you, like me was never fully complete until we met each other”.

I then glazed down and saw Gabriel’s hand open, which revealed a beautiful red rose disintegrating into a small pile of dead petals on the ground where he continued “I’m nearly three thousand, six hundred years old. It's time I settled down and moved on with my life...the past is the past, My late Famliy is the past. It’s time to move on with my future. Anastasie, you gave me peace in a lifetime of war”.

After a long sigh, Gabriel continued “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you, I feel like I’ve left my whole heart with you. Only you have my heart Anastastie” and I replied breathless “I love you Gabby, I always have. But why did you say you didn’t love me” but Gabriel just kissed me meaning that he had always loved me and that he never wanted to let me go (We began a relationship where we became two halves of one, never to be separated; however we both knew they couldn’t be together as it was the law since Gabriel is an Ancient Vampire and I’m a Minion Vampiress).

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