I'm writing one of my novels but I've got a lot to go...tell me what ya think.

it's call 'Eternal Love' and this is just a short plot...

My human life was very misaerable but the day I died is the day I started to live....For centuries, Vampires and Vampiresses have roamed this World at night, living in the shadows of the Human Cities and feeding on humans. While during the day, we hide in the shadows, watching and waiting for dusk to come. For that, it has now signalled the end of the Magical Era and the beginning of the freedom for Mankind; We are the shadows of midnight.


The night is darkness just before the  dawn.

Here is goes, my novel is about a French 18th century sixteen year old girl called Marie-Antoinette-Thérèse "Anastasie" Bellemare who is from a Dark Witch of a mother and a gentle human Father however she even through is from a very rich famliy, the march towards the French Revolution is gaining momentun. Social discontent mixed with a crippling budget deficit provoked an outburst of anti-absolutist sentiment. By 1789, France was hurtling toward revolt as the result of bankruptcy brought on by the country's support of the American Revolution and high food prices due to drought, all of which was exacerbated by propagandists whose central object of scorn and ridicule was Queen Marie Antoinette.

Anastasie is facing the guillotine until she is saved by an 3000 year old creature of the undead (Gabriel le Sade) or as she puts it "a angel from heaven coming to save me".......everything changes when she meets and falls in love with her Creator which in their world, isnt allowed.

please tell me what you think kk.

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