On the eleventh of November 1793; It was a cold stormy night before my execution in which I felt the lowest level, like dark clouds of thunder and lightning over a wild ocean of waves like wild horses running scared though a field.

Emotionally and mentally broken, my only comfort was self-destruction which I found in cutting my wrists with glass I manage to somehow get.

With my bloody wrists, I could see prefect lines across my wrists but not near any serious veins as the glass wasn’t sharp or stronger enough but in was strong or sharp enough to leave wet, red tracks across my skin.

As darkness crossed my mind my eyes felt heavey and before I knew it, I was on my side in the darkness of sleep, with the sounds of scearms, sobs and the noises of the Guards as the laughs echoed through the stone walls.

About five hours later at three: four in the morning, my eyes snapped open with fear as I heard footsteps but not of a guard but a boy, a beautfuil who looked no older then seventeen years old, stood about five stood ten and looked like a angel from heaven coming to save me....The Roman God, Adonis.

After hearing a guards death cry and a deep screech, the man who had unlocked the door and had walked in, was standing there in front on me as I was clinging to the wall with liquid brown eyes that made me unsettled...but they are so beautiful that it made my heart melt into a million pieces. Yet while looking at his heart-shaped/slightly rounded face, I also saw blood smears on his face and his slender yet rough hands.

He was a very scary teenage boy...I mean as he took three steps forward without taking his eyes off me baring his fangs at me....oh god he is a Vampire...

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