hey twilighters! this is my fourth day on the twilight saga! I really love this site and the people are very supportive here, especially the adminstrators. They have cleared my doubts on things i didnt know and i'm really thankful to them.

But I have a problem. I dont understand why people hate either Jacob or Edward. We all are Twihards and we have to learn to accept the fact that it's neither Jacob nor Edward's fault that they are in love with Bella. I was reading a blog post yesterday where there are a few members of this site who call Jacob a jerk. thats not done. I'm also against people making these teams and abusing the character of the other team. Plus, I'd rather people stop calling Edward GAY. Please. Thats my request.


"If i don't have a good sense of equilibrium in my next life, I'm demanding a refund." - Bella Swan

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