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Based on the recent photos that have popped up of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart re-shooting the honeymoon scene in the Carribean for Breaking Dawn. On closer inspection, according to, the photos show that the chance of Kristen showing off her top is quite likely. She is wearing a bikini the same color as the green screen, and that is usually done to remove an item in post-production.

In this case, it is her top that will be removed in editing if the report is correct. Many fans are excited to see how the wedding and honeymoon for Edward Cullen and Bella Swan play out, but they still have a few more months to wait. Twilight: Breaking Dawn won't hit theaters until November.

What do you think of the possibility of Kristen Stewart going topless? Will this cross the line of what is acceptable in a PG-13 rating and cause controversy once the film is released? Or, perhaps more importantly, would this be in line with the film's emphasis on love over sex?



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