Looks like the Easter Bunny is also a Robert Pattinson fan. His new movie, Water for Elephants, costarring Reese Witherspoon, exceeded box office expectations this past weekend by earning an estimated $17.5 million from 2,817 locations. That's an exceptional take for a adult, art-house drama and critics believe a big reason the film performed was Robert Pattinson- or, in other words, thanks to fans like you!

Fox Searchlight studios paid particular attention to Twilight fans sites in promoting Water for Elephants, allowing reps from sites such as TwilightMOMS assigned places on the red carpet and access to Robert throughout his promotions tour. As Robert begins to take more roles that move him beyond teen heartthrob, will you continue to see his movies? And who saw Water for Elephants? Tell us what you thought of the film and of Robert's performance...



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