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In honor of Halloween's fast approach, Glamour Magazine came up with a list of the "31 Sexiest Movie Vampires." 11 of the 31 vampires that made the cut were from the Twilight Saga! Did your favorite make the list?

  • 31. "Alec" (by Cameron Bright)
  • 29. "Victoria" (by Rachelle Lefevre and Bryce Dallas Howard)
  • 27. "Demetri" (by Charlie Bewley)
  • 25. "Alice Cullen" (by Ashley Greene)
  • 24. "Carlisle Cullen" (by Peter Facinelli)
  • 22. "Jasper Hale" (by Jackson Rathbone)
  • 19. "Rosalie Hale" (by Nikki Reed)
  • 17. "Caius" (by Jamie Campbell Bower)
  • 10. "Riley Biers" (by Xavier Samuel)
  • 4. "Emmett Cullen" (by Kellan Lutz)
  • 1. "Edward Cullen" (by Robert Pattinson)

Check out the full list of winners, HERE!

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