Michael sheen
Michael Sheen isn't recognized by die hard Twihards! He reveals that his costume was so good when he played Aro, one of the Volturi leaders in Twilight, that young fans of the series don't recognize him without his red eyes and long black wig!

"On the whole people don't tend to recognize me from it because I look so different I guess," he admitted at the premiere of Tron: Legacy. "I think it's usually people's mums and dads that go 'see that guy over there, he's Aro' because they've seen me in stuff."

Aro is BA!
"The younger teenagers just can't quite believe it because I haven't got red eyes in real life and long black hair," he added. But the British star says he does enjoy meeting the fans that do realize he plays one of the vampire leaders. "They just get really excited and it's lovely to see that being in something like the Twilight films can cause that sort of excitement in people," he admitted.

In Tron Legacy, Sheen adopts a very different look! Loosely inspired by David Bowie's look in the 70's, Micheal Sheen donned an elaborate sucked-in space suit to play Castor. "The costume was very uncomfortable but the look, this was one of my favorite looks I've ever had," he confessed. "It's just so extreme. It's like part 70s glam rock, part circus ring master, part Bridget Neilson. It's a good look!"

Sheen Tron

Source: Press Association

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