Would you pay $80,000 to meet Robert Pattinson and visit the Breaking Dawn set? One Twihard did! This week, a fan paid $80,000 in a charity auction through CharityBuzz. And while it comes as no surprise that fans were clamoring for the chance to get up close and personal with the actor, Glenda Luft, director of communications for the site, told MTV News the bidding war was more intense than they could have ever imagined.

"Bidding was definitely intense!" she told MTV News. "The package was hovering at $47,000 for a few days and then at $67,000, but we were so thrilled to see it jump to $80,000 in the very last moments of the auction."

So how did it all come together? "Summit Entertainment put the auction package together to raise funds for the GO Campaign, which empowers vulnerable children and orphans around the world," she explained. "Summit included the incredibly rare opportunity to visit the set of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' in Vancouver for four people total, with hotel accommodations at a deluxe executive suite at the elite Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver and VIP limousine service to and from the 'Breaking Dawn' set. As if that wasn't enough, Summit also promised the winner an opportunity to meet Robert Pattinson on set!"

There was one major stipulation: "The fans will need to be on their best behavior, as there is a strict conduct code to act in a 'responsible and appropriate manner at all times during the experience.' "

The fan might be excited, but so is the charity. "The GO Campaign was thrilled when we learned we'd have this 'Twilight' auction item because of all the good work it will help us accomplish," Scott Fifer, executive director of the GO Campaign, said in a statement. "The funds raised will help us support tens of thousands of children around the world."

Source: MTV

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