Breaking dawn title
Twihards beware! While the cast is up north filming Breaking Dawn, hackers are putting the Twilight name to shame!

Malicious hackers have created a game on Facebook called Breaking Dawn: The Game which steals your personal information. This Twilight named scam not only posts to your "wall" without your permission, but it also asks you to switch to an unsecured connection to grab your personal info! How can you protect yourself from this invasive new game?

Well, the first line of defense would be to not use the game...but being twihards, its impossible for us to resist. Second, would be to be suspicious of all links that ask you to switch to an unsecured connection (During the Breaking Dawn Game and otherwise). And third, be protective of your information. If weird applications or games are asking for your personal info, don't give it to them.

If its to late and you have already approved Breaking Dawn: The Game on Facebook, delete the post from your wall, and revoke any privacy access the app has been given by clearing it from your Applications file in your privacy settings. Good luck Twilight lovers and beware of other scams and tricks to steal your personal information!

Source: Geek Sugar