sometimes vampires could or couldn't be real but so far we don't know if they are or not vampires have to blend in to society so that they wouldn't be caught our technoligy is getting more and more advanced and we can one see if they are real including werewolfs,ghost,goblins,gouls and other halloween monsters but right now it's a mystery to our society we think they aren't real but they could we are just guessing if they aren't or are real so if you actaulley find eviedence that they are real report to a sciencetist of some sort and we will wait to see if they actualleyy exist so we don't actually know. comments and questions are around our world and they are yet to be answered so good luck. To me I could think they are real and sometimes I din't when I am realley bored I pretend they are all around and I even have vampire stuffed animal and I just pretend they are real run run for your lives (JK) but they could be real I wish they were then our community would be very interesting to find out who is a vampire or not. If any of you have a question, comment, or a joke please post below thank you.

Sincerley, The Vampire Girl

!!!!!!!!VAMPIR GIRL!!!!!!!!!
Adele Vampire

Vampire Girl

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