My favorite vampire series is twilight because it is longerthan the other series my favorite is the third one because Bella is barley in it i don't really like Kristen  Stewert because she is to dramatic i think that Stephanie Meyers could have done better to find someone to play the role or bella Kristen is acts to much like it is the end of the world CI think she needs to act like she is actually getting attacked by a vampire and i also dont like that she keeps begging to makeout with Edward Kristen doesn't go deep into her role she acts like eh it is just a stupid movie i will act the same way i act at home for example Taylor Lautner plays the role of Jacob and he digs deep into his role like he is the werewolf and thats what i think bella a.k.a Kristen Stewert should do edward digs deep into his role carlisle charlie renesme etc but the only person i notice that does not dig deep into her role is Kristen Stewert if i ever saw Stephanie Meyer's i would tell her. If you haveany questions on this blog post plz ask.

Sincerley, The Vampire Girl

                                                                                               !!!!!!!!!VAMPIRE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Adele Vampire

Vampire Girl

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