In the epic battle on breaking dawn part 2 was sad because I cryied when I thought the battle was actually happening because Carlisle and jasper and some of the wolfs died but my favorite part was that they didn't really fight that was relieving I also wondere if there going to make another movie on renesmes life and how she grows up. Also don't wanna be rude to the twilight cast but I think Bella Swan A.K.A (Kristen Stewert) is a bit dramatic in the first movie. But I'm also glad that Edward and his family Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, emmet, jasper,and Alice stopped bad guys which are Victoria, Laurent, and James. My favorite movie is the first one because I liked the part where Edward saved Bella when she was about to be attacked by those boys after she bought that book from the book store I wish I was Bella so that Edward would save me as I well i pick TEAM VAMPIRE.