Adele Vampire

Vampire Girl

My reason why i'm called the vampire girl is because i am known to know any fact on anything about vampires and that reason is because my name is represented from my culture, beliefs, and religion my name means the first vampire on earth and a female demon dwelling in desserted places and attacking children so fromm my name that's how I like vampires what they do, why they do it, how to be one, how to be turned, were to find one, how to know who is a slayer, how to kill a slayer with out it killing you, ETC. Vampires and vampire legends is what i want to believe in it's like my life and that's what I want to be, act,and grow up being one I don't really care on what people say about it like for example they aren't real, vampires suck, they are stupid I don't care that's what I like and that's what i'm sticking with if you have any questions on my comment, theory, or just a vampire question to test me on things about any vampires please type below and i will answer as son as possible.

Sincerley, The Vampire Girl !!!!!!!!VAMPIRE OUT!!!!!!

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