The movie start with opening her eyes. Then the scene where they reunite and Bella goes hunting. She t

hen smells the humans and climbs the mountain in a super cool way. Edward stops her from killing them and she runs. She tries to hut for a deer but kill the mountain lion who was about to kill it. Next she sees Renesmee and finds out about Jacob imprinting. Then they go the cottage and..... When Jake finds out about the Cullens moving he shows Charlie he is a werewolf. Charlie viisits and likes Renesmee very much. Then Emmett and Bella arm wretling. Bella, Jake and Nessie go out and Irina sees them and goes ? to the Volturi. Alice has the vision and they find witnesses and Alice and Jasper leave. Bella, Edward, Jake and Nessie go to the D
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Final Trailer 3 HD Bella Prepares For War!-002:17

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Final Trailer 3 HD Bella Prepares For War!-0


enali's and show them Nessie is not an immortal child. Carlisle and Esme actually go to India! They do that with all the other witnesses. Bella meets J.Jenks. Then Bella learns to spread her sheild. I'll skip to the fight which is my favorite scene!

They show the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child and Alice comes back and shows Aro proof. Then she tells Bella to tell Jake to take Nessie away becaus the Volturi isn't going to change their desicion. Then the fight starts, Carlisle gets killed by Aro and Jasper and Seth get killed too. Most of the Volturi died too.I


loved how Caius and Aro died. Kate electrocuted Caius and Tanya ripped his head from his jaw. Then Bella and Edward killed Aro and finally Alice comes out of the vision and everyone is alive. Aro hurries to get out and Caius keeps thinking of ways to fight, Aro keeps denying and they go away. Alice has a vision of a happy future and Renesmee gets to live forever!

An happily ever after!

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