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Obviously you want to know whats what with the saga. Well, in breaking dawn,renesmee was born early because the placenta detached in the womb. After birth nessie bit her mother and almost killed her. the total number of bones is hard to cout because she also broke her mother's spine along with 2 or 3 ribs and her pelvis. At the end of the prenancy edward begins to hear the baby's thoughts and finds she loves her mother and dosen't want to hurt her.

Jacob leaves his home, family, and pack to protect Bella becuase sam was planning on killing her and the baby. It is not easy on jacob and he finds that seth clear water has followed him and helps him keep watch for sam or the pack. They soon find they can not hear the others becuse they have broken into seperate packs. Soon later Leah joins they're pack. Jacob finds she can be tollerated mostly because they are in the same situation intell Leah says she can understand why Rosalie is helping bella die and then Renesmee is born. Bella is instantly furious when she finds out Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee but what really throws her over is Jacob nicknameing her after the lochness monster! This is the snap everyone was waiting on before this Bella had the self control no one could understand. She wasn't like the other newborns she could control her emotions. While hunting Bella caught two humands scents and stopped hunting and turned around no one understood how she could do this. This caught Jasper offgaurd he (who had the most expertance with newborns) couldnt understand it. Later they find she is a sheild and can protect her family and friends from the vouturi to a point they are afraid they may lose and leave the cullens in peace after Alice and Jasper return and reasure them that nessie is no danger to humands.

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