An Eternalist

  • My occupation is INFINITILY SAYING 'WHYNAUT!'
  • An Eternalist

    "How wasted your talent is."
    Marcus responded to my calling, "Vaun, why have you returned to Volterra?"
    "It's not a matter of why, but what am I doing here, and I am here to give Aro a message, The Eternalists shall return to avenge the deaths of our brothers. And then Marcus, you shall be free."
    "You can not possibly win, not without."
    "Not without the Cullens? Don't worry, we refuse to recruit them and it really isn't their battle. You know its a personal thing, remember Aro killed Valentine our leader."
    Marcus grabbed the rest of his books and headed out, "My allegiance is to my brothers. Please don't try to turn me against them?" I stopped him as I slammed him against the wall, ready to strike him down, I turned and headed out of the room.

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  • An Eternalist

    One of the funniest things I've ever read.

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