• Amberr.Blueeyes.Blake

    Renesmee's story

    September 11, 2010 by Amberr.Blueeyes.Blake

    What about us?

    It felt like I was having my heart ripped out, how could they make me leave him, Jacob? He was my whole life, and I his. We were inseperable, always together, I couldn't understand why she was doing this. Hadn't my mother, Bella, gone throught this years ago before I was born? My father left her for her own safety, after my Uncle Jasper had tried to kill her, and it completly crushed her, she's told me how the weight of it hurt to carry around. My Grampa Charlie had told me she had been catatonic in those first few weeks. How did they expect me to survive without Jacob? I would be worse than my mother had been, that I was sure of.

    "Mother, you can not make me move to Alaska! I WILL NOT GO! My place is here with Jacob. Father, pleas…

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