Ok you know how the children of the moon infect people with their bites and the same goes with vampires. I wonder if a human was bit by a child of the moon and a vampire. They would technically be a hybrid or an immortal werewolf. Imagine how strong this creature would be. They would be able to massacre several covens. They would be tough to control and kill. They would possible have the ability to shift into a wolf on the full moon and have full control. I dont know if they can produce more of themselves but maybe if they infected vampires with the bite. They could walk in the sunlight freely. Their strength would be unmatched. not even felix or emmett or jacob would have the strength to best the creature. They would be able to outrun even the fastest vampires, shape-shifters(including leah), and children of the moon. Their durability would be scary high. Like it would take at least 25 vampires, 5 dozen shapeshifter and 10 children of the moon to even rip off an arm. What if they could have the power to control their shift? Like when they are fighting in human form they channel their claws, and teeth and etc. Imagine if they could destroy a vampire with just a tad of their strength. These creatures would be the most powerful in the world. Now if they had a special ability as a human like the ability to control people, fire, emotions, or have the ability top read minds, or have visions, or better yet have a mental shield. They would setroy the volturi. They would only have to get past jane, and alec. If Vaewolfs, or hybrids existed in this world they would be damn near unstoppable.

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