• Aliss Rose

    It's raining outside ... I love the rain ... I wish I was a raindrop ... Maybe I could have fallen on a leaf, or on a window ... Who knows? But a raindrop soon disappears when the sun comes out ... Forget it! I wish I was a rose. A red rose. I could have been kissed by the sun and carressed by the rain ... My life would never come to an end ... I would be happy and admired ...

    What's wrong with me? Why am I thinking of such things? Why am I suddenly day-dreaming???

    I know the answer ... It's him ...

    He left, but not without making a promise. "I'll be back, sweetheart." he said. Still, I am waiting for him. I've been waiting for him for 3 months? Why isn't he back yet? Where is he?

    I've tried to call him, I wrote so many letters that I've never…

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