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  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Breaking dawn freak like Harry Poter, big Demi lovato fan love Selena Gomez love my babysitters a vampire Have this big thing for horror movies vampires wolfs zombies. I also like disney shows
  • I am A Female princess i run this town
  • Aliciaxx

    So here's the question who do you like the most out of ROSALIE or ALICE? comment and chose. Who do you like the most Rosalie the beautiful blond or Alice the girl all about physics? You decide who you like? By commenting with your opinion? xx Alice is adorable but Rosalie is more complex? Aliciaxx 17:28, October 3, 2011 (UTC) contact me on my Talk page if needed

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  • Aliciaxx

    1) What coven dose bella join ?

    A) Olympic coven?

    B) Denail coven?

    C) Volturi ?

    2) What is Bella's gift as a vampire?

    A) A sheild?

    B) Normal vampire povers?

    C) To read minds

    What is Bella's married name?

    A) Swan?

    B) Cullen?

    C) Johns ?

    3) Who inprintes on Renesmee?

    A) Edward ?

    B) Jacob?

    C) Charlie?

    4) What colour is Renesmee hair?

    A) Red?

    B) Black?

    C) Blue?

    5) Why did Irina go to the Volturi saying some one was a imortal child?

    A) Renesmee?

    B) Alice?

    C) Bella?

    ?) Who is your favorite out of Renesmee and Bella?

    Well thats it guys comment and answer the questions and i will tell you if they are right xx Aliciaxx 17:13, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Aliciaxx

    So here are part 1 part 2 and part 3 of kristen Stewart's funny moments *laughs* get ready for some entertainment here it comes LOL

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  • Aliciaxx

    So i have counted the votes and here's the winner

    DRUM ROLL! BUM BUM:The winner is? JACOB WINS!!!

    so my new topic is gonna be all about jacob sorry edward fans jacob wins it was all about the voting

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  • Aliciaxx

    HEY guys so i just put up a breaking dawn trailer and most of us are exited to watch the new movie breaking dawn because i now i am so i have just got a little quiz for this blog okay and i have got a little video to help you out.

    1) dose Bella get pregnant?

    2) Who dose she marry in the movie?

    3) Who are the brides

    4) What sigh dose Bella have on her ring

    5) Where dose Bella go for her honeymoon

    So thats it try and answer all these questions correctly.

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