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Breaking dawn QUIZ this is just to test how much you no about breaking dawn

Aliciaxx October 3, 2011 User blog:Aliciaxx

1) What coven dose bella join ?

A) Olympic coven?

B) Denail coven?

C) Volturi ?

2) What is Bella's gift as a vampire?

A) A sheild?

B) Normal vampire povers?

C) To read minds

What is Bella's married name?

A) Swan?

B) Cullen?

C) Johns ?

3) Who inprintes on Renesmee?

A) Edward ?

B) Jacob?

C) Charlie?

4) What colour is Renesmee hair?

A) Red?

B) Black?

C) Blue?

5) Why did Irina go to the Volturi saying some one was a imortal child?

A) Renesmee?

B) Alice?

C) Bella?

?) Who is your favorite out of Renesmee and Bella?

Well thats it guys comment and answer the questions and i will tell you if they are right xx Aliciaxx 17:13, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

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