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  • Under.the.sea

    Rosalie's POV

    There have been 5 years since we defended the Volturi. 5 happy years. We've moved of course. Now we leave at New Hampshire. Carlisle works at the hospital and Esme as a decorator. The rest of us go to Dartmouth, except Nessie and the mutt.

    Nessie has almost complitely grown up. She looks like a Beautiful 16-year-old woman. I think she is Jacob's been girlfriend for a month or 2. Edward doesn't see it very well but he would know if something happenned. So he tries really hard to play the cool dad! His moto these days is "Now I understand Charlie!" It's totally hilarious! Bella is OK about it. She was at Nessie's place once. They totally agree in one thing. Nessie's and Jacob's room are FAR from each other and their windows are …

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  • Under.the.sea

    I really like writing Twilight fanmade stories. Should I post to the Wiki? What do you think??

    The first one is about Alice's adopted daughter and Rosalie's adopted son...

    What do you think I should do???

    This is how I imagine Elizabeth Grace "Lisa" Brown and Eric Brian...

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  • Under.the.sea

    Cullen family travels a lot! Around every 5-6 years. So, what do you think would be their new reletionships now that Bella, Renesmee and Jacob were added?

    My thought was that Edward and Renesmee could be Esme's little brother and sister. Rosalie and Jasper would be the orphan twins of their dead big sister. Carlisle would be Esme husband and they would only adopted Bella, Emmett, Alice and Jacob....

    What do you think???

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