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Okay, you guys, guess what!!!! I know that many of us like The Hunger Games, as do I. Well, today, I was told that I am going to be playing Bonnie in Catching Fire! Ahhhh! I am freaking out right now, this doesn't even
Catching Fire Edit.jpeg
seem real. Ahhh. I'm going to meet Jennifer and Josh and everyone and ahhh! You guys, I'm gonna be famous!!!! I cannot believe this!!! I just got the phone call!!! I have to wear brown contacts though to match her eyes. My eyes curently are green. So, I've been going to casting for weeks and I got it! The casting director said that "I was an amazing actress and that I could really get far." Some of you may not know this, but I have been extras in a few movies and TV shows. Nothing this big before though!!! Ahhhh!!! I can't tell you anything else right now, though. I love you all! CRYING!!! --AliceKohl 02:45, April 1, 2012 (UTC)


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