ahloha peoples!!!!!!

its aliceandjasperforever here and u probably new that.

neway. I hav a blog ovr at the harry potter wikia, so u can chek out my blog over there.(same username)

so. who saw new moon? i think that chris did a sooo much better job than katherine fav part had 2 b bella b-day party. especialy when emmett was like 'so, ur dating an older woman" cuz edwards 17 and bella turned 18 and i think tht u new tht.

ne way. i want u 2 shar ur fav scenes and quotes from twilight and new moon. just put the movie title at the top. u no im not alice her. its no lik im precognituos or something.

neway, on my last blog some people wer caling alice 'self-centerd' lets make 1 thing clear, shes NOT!!!!!!!

if ne of u hav READ new moon ull realiz tht alice wuld rather die (or whateva vampires do) herself than jasper die. if thts self-centered, thn wat isnt???!!!???

neway bye peoples

aliceandjasperforever is out!

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