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Eclipse tragic end.

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Was about to begin the fight, but I had enough humor to think about that now, indeed, this added a degree of discomfort to my mood ...

took a while thinking, when suddenly there was a total absence of sound. I could hear Edward stop breathing and become a block of ice. It was then that I saw emerge from the trees in Victoria. It seemed like my nightmares.

Edward stood before me in a totally defensive posture, while Victoria roared. I could see in his eyes the desire to kill me. Today would not give up, do anything to do so. ― Victoria, you won´t touch her ― Edward threatened ―. You have to step over my dead body, and believe me you will not have such an honor.

Edward was rushed to Victoria. The movements were so fast that I could not see them all. I heard that someone was missing, but did not know who. I despaired over the idea that Edwrad get hurt. I could hear grunts and noises, metal, mixed with groans filled with pain, who could not identify.

When finally find Edward, I uttered a cry, almost like a groan of pain: Edward was on his knees. Victoria had him in the neck to kill him. I could not believe what I was looking at: a few feet from me, the reason for my existence was dying. I had to do something, but could not move. A few inches of me, there was a sharp knife that had fallen from Edward pants. Tighten the knife against my wrist. I started to smell a mixture of oxide and salt.

It worked. Victoria turned his face to smell my blood and let go of Edward, who was left lying and motionless beside a tree. Was it too late?

No. I could not believe that, he was immortal and could not die. So, why not get up? Why was shot and not moving? I refused to believe in that possibility, to believe he was dead.

Edward. No, no, no ... I had sunk so much in my thoughts, watching with eyes blurred because of the tears, who saw that Victoria was heading towards me. But I looked at her, if Edward estubiera pretending not fail if she wants hacerca me so much. By now there would be positioned in front of me with that position that he had become routine in recent months, but he kept lying on the ground ... it was then that I could see very clearly: he was dead.

As my brain processed this information, Victoria is increasing its revolves around me, walking with a grace and smiling as obtained by revenge. Now I do not mind dying, and had no reason to live and gladly would receive death.

Edward was dead.

Victoria took my wrist, held it up to the face and breathe in slowly ... Everything went black.

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