It was a quiet afternoon of Christmas Eve, and while he was a weak attack blizzard around beside the soft white snow falling in flakes like small cotton ball over the peaceful town of Forks, the Cullen, and after two years have fought and fought all the Volturi guard, and having met in its entirety more than sixty vampires, were now at home to prepare for a nice "dinner" Christmas with men now friends Quileute wolf, and the closest human they knew in Forks.
This was supposed to be a peaceful and joyful Christmas Eve, full of peace and love ...
It was supposed ...

God, Emmett! — Came the sharp voice of Alice pixie so strong all around, the birds had fled in fear from the thick foliage of the adjacent forest. You can not combine the green with the gold! That is NOT fashionable!

His face twitched with panic to see his older brother decorating the house with the decorations she had bought specially.

— Oh, come on, Alice. They are just decorations, "complained the aforementioned with a grimace, as he hung tiny golden angels with small replicas of designer suits in Christmas decorations.

Alice dodged the couch that separated the large and muscular body of his brother in a single bound, and stood beside her with his hands up to achieve what Emmett argued.

—No, no, no! —Shouted again climbing up the arm of her brother. This has to be perfect, and the angels of "Dior" have to go in the entrance for guests to see. Do you know what I took them to agree to dress my angels to date? —He asked tragically.

—Hey, it's true, and it look like you"— laughed placing his hand on Alice's head so he would not rise,— "but instead of wings, you have red horns and fangs.—

His sister gave him a blow on the leg that Emmett made a cry, getting him to release one of the angels. But before it hit the ground, Alice took it without problems and with devotion arranging her tiny clothes.

—"Look,"— he said taking another trim of another color, —"here is red. Combine green and red in this sector. You follow me?—
Emmett rolled his eyes. —Or your brain can not link the difference between colors?

And that was the beginning to engage in another argument with a string of childish giving coming from midday, when the nine Cullen: Mami love and peace Cullen, Cullen Bear, Barbie Cullen, Cullen Pixie, Confederate Cullen, dazzling Cullen, Cullen Ex-clumsy, and not so small little monster Cullen (if you have to see how children eat today), came together to make preparations for the evening.

Chaos reigned in the house, or even the wonderful gift of Jasper could calm them.

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