• Alice Mary Brandon Cullen

    A picture says more tha a thousand words!!!!

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  • Alice Mary Brandon Cullen

    — First it was because she was human and frail— he continued pointing his index finger, then because she was pregnant, then because we could hear Nessie, and now it is not the time? You-don´t-want-me! —Cried turning around.
    —Bella is not that— she begged her husband. —You know I love you, but you also know that there are more people at home, and not a good time when others are preparing dinner.
    —And we do not even eat! —He raised his voice.
    —But your father and our friends they do— he reminded.
    —You did not look pretty! —He ignored it— You prefer to be with Tanya and you're waiting for her tonight.
    —Of course not ...

    Heavens! What was up with this beautiful family? Some was talking to themselves, others with the mirror, some fighting, others ...…

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  • Alice Mary Brandon Cullen

    He was in the basement crazy (even more than his wife), his hands covering his ears to try to silence not only what he heard, but also all the emotions he received from his family, anger, discomfort, despair, anxiety, and then followed the list.

    — "Please calm down," he whispered to himself. Or finally, shut up.
    It was a lot to him.

    In another room of the big house, Rosalie looked again and again in the big mirror of your closet trying on dress after dress.

    That Christmas, she had asked for a mirror talkative as appearing in Snow White and Emmett as his Santa Claus came early, and after enjoying enough that disguise between them, now she was enjoying her gift garrulous, wearing a stunning short and highly provocative red dress.

    —Mirror, mirror…

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  • Alice Mary Brandon Cullen

    It was a quiet afternoon of Christmas Eve, and while he was a weak attack blizzard around beside the soft white snow falling in flakes like small cotton ball over the peaceful town of Forks, the Cullen, and after two years have fought and fought all the Volturi guard, and having met in its entirety more than sixty vampires, were now at home to prepare for a nice "dinner" Christmas with men now friends Quileute wolf, and the closest human they knew in Forks.
    This was supposed to be a peaceful and joyful Christmas Eve, full of peace and love ...
    It was supposed ...

    God, Emmett! — Came the sharp voice of Alice pixie so strong all around, the birds had fled in fear from the thick foliage of the adjacent forest. You can not combine the green with …

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  • Alice Mary Brandon Cullen

    Was about to begin the fight, but I had enough humor to think about that now, indeed, this added a degree of discomfort to my mood ...

    took a while thinking, when suddenly there was a total absence of sound. I could hear Edward stop breathing and become a block of ice. It was then that I saw emerge from the trees in Victoria. It seemed like my nightmares.

    Edward stood before me in a totally defensive posture, while Victoria roared. I could see in his eyes the desire to kill me. Today would not give up, do anything to do so. ― Victoria, you won´t touch her ― Edward threatened ―. You have to step over my dead body, and believe me you will not have such an honor.

    Edward was rushed to Victoria. The movements were so fast that I could not see them…

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