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  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is I'm only a student
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  • Alice Cullen 217

    I am about to start a story about the Cullens. But this time, I was thinking that it was the time for Rosalie to take center stage. Now, I need help because I can't decide where to start my story. Would you help me? You could write your own ideas about it. By the way, Alice would be the narrator for the story I am making. I am hoping that you can help me.. ^^

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  • Alice Cullen 217

    Guys, I need your help! Can you please answer my make-up quiz about Twilight?

    Here it is:

    1. According to the book, what is the FULL NAME of the girl who's jealous about Bella's popularity in school?

    2. Name the creator of Jasper Hale.

    3. In the Breaking Dawn book, Bella tells that her child would be a boy. What was the name that Bella thought before she thinks the name "Renesmee"?

    4. Who are Jacob's sisters?

    5. Where did Rosalie found Emmett?

    That's all.. thank you ^^

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  • Alice Cullen 217

    On the first movie of Twilight Series, the author Stephanie Meyer reveals that Edward Cullen can read people's mind, all the students in Forks Washington except for Bella. She also reveals that Edward's felings were vanished when he transformed into a vampire. What could you think thhe reason why Edward fells for Bella?

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