aka shelby

  • I live in forks, washington (i wish)
  • My occupation is twihard-gleek-little monster
  • I am chic
  • Alice-cullen4evr24

    This is my first blog like ever so how do i start. well im in middle school. im what some people call "gifted". people act different around me because of that. i have one little sis and a dog. im kind of popular at school despite me being gifted. my nickname is alice because im told i look like her even though i dont see it. i have my hair kind of like hers i guess. all of my friends look like the cullens. my bffs nickname is bella. well ummm my fave book is the twilight saga pretty much any book with vamps in it. im so team cullen. yay!!!!!!! the wierdest thing about my life is that my bff has acually been on and off with a guy named edward and a guy named jacob. wierd huh? we are all twihards. i've only cried twice when i was reading theā€¦

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