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June 16, 2010
  • Alexa dreamer20

    The Idea!

    March 13, 2011 by Alexa dreamer20

    I've been having this question running through my mind, and I know that kinda every character has been paired with.. just about every other character in the Saga, but how would you feel about Seth imprinting on Ness?

    That would be the cutest thing, in my opinion.Alexa_dreamer20 (talk) 13:07, March 13, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    Really, it always amazes me how these top tens are done in such manner they make Twilight the supreme perfection, to emphasize a point. Especially the ones that begin with "Top 10 reasons.."

    Well guys, if you hadn't noticed, those aren't real reasons or even close to what a reason should sound like.

    So I would like to say the following....

    The reason why the Twilight series are amazing isn't because they are amazing.

    Carlisle Cullen isn't awesome because he's secretly Santa Claus and he brings you presents every year.

    The awesomeness of Edward Cullen doesn't come from the non-fact that he "was" in Harry Potter.

    The reason why the Volturi want to destroy the Cullens....."because they are afraid the Cullens will destroy them and take their power", an…

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    It's dying down

    January 23, 2011 by Alexa dreamer20

    Whew... the first blog post in a

    Well...why in a while? Because...because of the same reason I haven't edited ANYTHING (oh, it's good to know it still hurts to say it, whatev, write it) in...I can't remember.

    I can(or am trying) to shamefully say I have only left a comment or two or talked to a certain person who at least keeps me coming back around here( thank you thank you thank you Steph) to not lose...the whatever connection I have left with this site..and the day count..cause I'd freak, which means I kind of still care.

    The thing is, I don't think about Twilight all that much anymore, I'm not very excited about it...I just don't see much in it anymore. My Twilight Obsession Is Dying Down...again. I know I've experienced it …

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    There are a lot of pretty weird things going on in the Twilight Saga, movies or books, but more likely books. What would the weirdest thing that ever happened in the saga be for you?

    For me, it would be when Bella drank her first cup of blood and was in a way like "Can I have another?" with Rosalie at the same time:"Seconds?". Yuck. Never mind that she might've liked it, but she knew what she was drinking! The mere thought...would you drink human blood? Come on. Would you?

    And third question, have you seen the TRON: Legacy movie? Just curious, because I haven't. I know it has nothing to do with Twilight.

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  • Alexa dreamer20

    You've probably seen this before, but if you could ask any Twilight Saga character a question and they'd be obligated to answer (truthfully), well, what would that be?

    The question can be anything you want, as personal as you want (if you have the guts required) and..really anything.

    I think I would ask Edward who he'd pick (between Bella and Renesmee) if he could only save one or if only one could live.--don't get the wrong idea.

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