Some of us have been upset about Bree's death because it was pointless.Most of us felt that way-or still do-because of The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner,because until then she was just a misterious little newborn to us.No..not even then.Because of course,the book(Eclipse) is told from Bella's P.O.V., from which we don't find out much about all the characters.But after her own book, Bree grew on us all, and I honestly think her point of view beats Bella's any day.She describes being a newborn vampire like any newborn vampire who hadn't chosen to be turned would (or it's only me).Their discovery (her and Diego's) is very interesting to read, of course already knowing what would happen you're anxious to get to the part when they realize what's really happening.During all that time while Bree described what it was like in the sun and she thought she'd burn like any vampire from mythology, I was like: "Come oooooooooooon!!!".That part is probably my favorite from the whole book, along with the Volturi sequence.

I honestly thought the Cullens would convince the Volturi to let Bree live,but Steph didn't need her taking the spotlight off of Bella,and I think that's the main reason she killed a pretty good character.The story would have been much more complicated,but how would a harmless little newborn (like Bree) stand in the way?She could have been side-taught everything by all those OTHER characters who don't get screen time.

She would make a pretty good Cullen,she seemed nice,and the fact that she wanted to let Edward know about the Volturi and Victoria even though she knew she'd die was the most admirable thing anyone in the whole series has done,if you ask me.She wasn't thinking about herself one bit,much unlike Bella(I just needed to point that out).

So at the end of the day,Bree would make a good Cullen.Not better,just a good one.Better later.I would want to see how she'd get along with everyone,especially her relationship with Jasper.

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