Why are people vandalizing Wikipedia?Because they have nothing better to do.period.Before I found out about this wikia,I used Wikipedia for school,for general info I care about,etc.I actually had no idea that you can edit it without an account or something like that!*looks up*So that's where "The free encyclopedia" comes from....So anyways.A few weeks into this wiki I've seen THEM.(*insert drama theme*).I didn't even know somebody did this on purpose...I thought it was like some error,anything,because it looked like you just pressed buttons onto your keyboard like a maniac.(The first page I've seen it on was Twilight(film).)And I wondered...why do people do that?Is it because they have nothing better to do?Or because they just feel mean?Because people who did that are obviously not Twilight fans.Which leads to the next idea:could it have been haters?Usually,I'd say yes.

Now...that leaves users with a lot of editing to do,which is good and bad.Good for badges and the wikia,and bad because you might find the same mistake there the next time(I did) and because it's confusing sometimes.I tried editing the Twilight(film) page where it had been 'vandalized',and it was a bit of a brainteaser.There were sentences deleted in such a way it made no sense,I had to make it up and make it sound..alright(at least).It was annoying.

Now...this does not only affect the users.Mostly it affects the admins,because they're the ones who have to look out after pages,lock some(I don't know what they do,they know best,so etc).

Comments,pages,blogs...vandalizing is frickin' everywhere.It's like work in vain sometimes to try to redo something that's been deleted or so.

So,in conclusion,I would like to address people like that....

GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS WIKIA..pretty PLEASE.Seriously people,go vandalize on the streets(maybe then you'll get arrested and pay!!!Pay I said!)

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