So they say the most obvious reason people hate Twilight is because they've seen or personally know a fan.Yeah,we know that.But why would you hate Twilight if,for example,you haven't even read a book or seen a movie?I know people who don't like Twilight,and they don't even know anything about it.They just hear me or some of my friends blabber about it almost everyday,but other than that they haven't even heard of Bella and Edward.

So can you dislike something,like a book,movie or subject if you don't even know anything about it?Yep,appearently it is very possible.And now seriously,how many people are there that personally know a Twihard?So many you can reach..say,75%?An aproximation of the red space.No..I doubt that.So practically,people who hate Twilight are friends or family of Twihards?

Because,in my opinion,because I've seen screaming fans,you can't hate something because it's popular.Right..?Only if you have a friend or someone in your family talk about it non-stop and you're sik of hearing,but even then you can't hate Twilight itself.Only its popularity.Right...?

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