Really, it always amazes me how these top tens are done in such manner they make Twilight the supreme perfection, to emphasize a point. Especially the ones that begin with "Top 10 reasons.."

Well guys, if you hadn't noticed, those aren't real reasons or even close to what a reason should sound like.

So I would like to say the following....

The reason why the Twilight series are amazing isn't because they are amazing.

Carlisle Cullen isn't awesome because he's secretly Santa Claus and he brings you presents every year.

The awesomeness of Edward Cullen doesn't come from the non-fact that he "was" in Harry Potter.

The reason why the Volturi want to destroy the Cullens....."because they are afraid the Cullens will destroy them and take their power", and..."because they are afraid."

Reasons you should be on team Rosalie...don't.

So basically the reason you should be on team Seth is because Boo Boo Stewart is hot.

Bella is stupid...because people just can't take the fact Kristen Stewart is beautiful. Leave.Kristen.Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what are you saying? That Twilight is wrong because of the-supposedly-sexual scenes in Breaking Dawn? Oh they didn't need to explain everything in detail?

Ohhhhh wait...they don't.-.-'

It was actually a huge mistake that Catherine Hardwicke did not include Twilight page by page in the movie. Such a shame they took 4 seconds away for the waitress.

Alec's cuteness is all you need to keep you going through all those pages and pages of Edward angst and Bella whimper.

So basically that doesn't even begin to cover it, but I just wanted to point out how fans tend to lose their common sense and start acting like a 3 year old. I'm telling you, Edward is REAL!! REAL I TELL YOU!

Alexa_dreamer20 (talk) 20:47, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

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