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The most annoying girl ever!No,not Bella.

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So what do you do when you're babysitting at your house?

NOT try to re-read Breaking Dawn for a little drama.

When a 10 year old who likes Twilight but hasn't read one book of the series is around, you do not pull out the last one and start reading. No, not because you probably should watch over her, but because she'll sit with you patiently, be silent for a few minutes, and then, BOOM!

Every line with a small little uncomprehensable word for her fragile age was expressed.....:::cracking knuckles:::

She went "What does he mean by that?" every page!, or it's just me exaggerating!

So finally, when you get to Jacob's P.O.V- if you make it that far - you, listen to me, YOU have to IMMEDIATELY CLOSE THE BOOK!

Did I?

She.was.frantic. "What happened with Bella?" "I don't want to read another book!" and "I don't care if this is Jacob stupid point of view, I want Bella!"


So my advice, if you babysit, stop. If you don't, don't try it because you want to know what it's like.

And if your parents *coughforceyoucough* do NOT bring any Twilight related item with you, especially when you know the kid is over 9 and doesn't know half the characters.

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