Okay so personally, I'm a fan of the Harry Potter series, and just today I watched Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix again, and they mentioned Cedric Diggory quite a few times. I am quite surprized my mind didn't go to Twilight at all, the only thing I thought of was a great boy from 4th year who died during the TriWizard Tournament. Seeing that picture of Cedric in the movie, I gained a lot of admiration for the past Robert Pattinson. It was especially nostalgic because Cedric had died.

So where did this sudden admiration pop up from? He played the character was the kind of thing that displays what his real, un-eclipsed (if it's a word) potential is. I had never heard of Robert Pattinson before Twilight, the ending credits of The Goblet Of Fire, which I watched, was where I've first seen his name (it was quite catchy and sounded pretty good when I read it :d).

You wanna know what I think? I think Twilight screwed him over, really badly. Because Twilight lifts Edward so above the clouds, no wonder Twilight fanatics didn't think he's beautiful enough to play his character. It was just not a good character to play, in my opinion. All had to be very false, no human emotion, because, guess what? Edward's isn't human!

And let me just tell you, when I see that Rob Pattinson that played a character so nice and natural, I feel so sad at how no one can see him as...really anything other than Edward.

And this will go on, because there's still 2 movies to go, and by then..I think I'll lose all hope for a..rebirth of what was once talented Rob. NO, don't get me wrong. He is very talented, it's just no one can see that.

I guess I understand Miley a little bit more now, not that she was that talented..

So what do you think, was Rob better before Twilight? Let me just tell, for those of you who think Twilight is what made him famous and he should be grateful ::: If You're Talented, You Don't Need A Book Fenomenon To Make You Famous! :::

And, was Twilight good or bad for him? And I'm not talking money or fame wise, I think you know.

OH! And also! I hate it when Twilight fans, despite hating or not having watched the Harry Potter series, WATCH The Goblet Of Fire because Rob Pattinson is in it. How much more shallow can you get?

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